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Knowledge Management and Narratives – Organizational Effectiveness Through Storytelling
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VIII, 317 Seiten, 15,8 x 23,5 cm, kartoniert




28. September 2005
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For many organizations knowledge is one of the most important keys to success. Knowledge management often plays a crucial role in organizational effectiveness. In particular stories and the narrative mode of communication have come to figure prominently in knowledge management. They have long been neglected, but are now acknowledged as a special type of organizational knowledge that complements codified knowledge and analytical thought in modern organizations. Thus narratives are viewed as a most promising feature in modern knowledge management. But how can they be handled through the process of knowledge management? How do they contribute to organizational success? The volume of Georg Schreyögg and Jochen Koch offers many important perspectives on these issues: - It reveals insights into the salient role of narratives in up-to-date knowledge management. - It provides methods and tools for making use of narratives in organizations. - And it presents perspectives on the relationship between organizational knowledge, narratives and effectiveness. With the volume users will obtain a deeper understanding of organizational knowledge management. Well-known international experts explain storytelling and the narrative mode and their implications. The papers are actual and of high quality. Therefore the volume is centrally important for success in handling knowledge for organizational effectiveness.
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