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International Sports Marketing – Principles and Perspectives
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VIII, 400 Seiten, 15,8 x 23,5 cm, kartoniert




17. Januar 2014

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Sportmanagement, Band 06
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International Sports Marketing

Principles and Perspectives

Edited by Prof. Dr. André Bühler and Prof. Dr. Gerd Nufer
With contributions by Prof. Dr. André Bühler, Prof. Dr. Gonzalo A. Bravo, Prof. Dr. Simon Chadwick, Prof. Dr. Dae Ryun Chang, Prof. Dr. Frank Daumann, Lev Esipovich, Robin Heinze, Prof. Dr. Dennis Floyd Jones, Brendon Knott, David Chungyeol Lee, Prof. Dr. Mark R. Lyberger, Prof. Dr. Gerd Nufer, Bárbara Schausteck de Almeida, Prof. Dr. Matthew D. Shank, Dr. Paschal W. Soita, Dr. Ilia Solntsev, Prof. Dr. Constantino Stavros, Dr. Mark Stewart, Prof. Dr. Kamilla Swart, Prof. Dr. Andrzej Sznajder
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Marketing of and with sports is as international as sports itself. While this impression may be intuitively evident during global events such as the Olympic Games, internationalisation also takes place in the daily routines of our increasingly globalised domestic leagues and sports events.

In this book, edited by André Bühler and Gerd Nufer, leading sports economists and marketing experts from around the world provide detailed insights into current issues and future challenges of sports marketing from an international perspective. An excellent survey on:
  • Principles of International Sports Marketing – notions, models and concepts
  • Sports Marketing Around the World, based on international research from all five continents
  • The Future of International Sports Marketing and what corporate management can learn from sports
An inspiring reading and an essential book to gain a better understanding of today’s status quo and developmental stages of sports marketing in the various regions of this world.
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