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German Accounting – A Guide for Students and Professionals
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XIV, 282 Seiten, 15,8 x 23,5 cm, kartoniert




2., neu bearbeitete Auflage 2022


25. April 2022

Reihe / Gesamtwerk

Aus der Reihe "ESVbasics"


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German Accounting (978-3-503-20619-3)
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German Accounting

A Guide for Students and Professionals

by Prof. Dr. Gerrit Brösel, Prof. Dr. Christoph Freichel and Prof. Dr. Torsten Mindermann

German Accounting – The perfect starting point!

This is the definitive English textbook to provide you with relevant basic knowledge on German accounting in a brief and structured manner. The updated second edition includes numerous practical exercises for both students and professionals.
  • Fundamentals of accounting: functions, German statutory requirements (i.e., HGB) as well as generally accepted accounting principles
  • Accounting techniques and account assignment: detailed presentation of the most important accounts and entry formulas
  • Preparation of financial statements: systematics and contents of relevant accounting topics
“A great textbook – the ideal introduction for students, trainees and accountants who are looking for a quick and clear overview, a solid stepping stone for beginners and beyond.” Dr. Andreas Focke (Partner at a Big Four accounting firm)
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