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New Challenges for Tourism Promotion – Tackling High Competition and Multimedia Changes
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XII, 175 Seiten, mit zahlreichen Abbildungen und Tabellen, 15,8 x 23,5 cm, kartoniert




31. Januar 2012
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New Challenges for Tourism Promotion

Tackling High Competition and Multimedia Changes

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Increased competition, the ongoing differentiation process of potential visitors` needs and the irreversible development to a multimedia information and communication society are tremendous challenges for institutions which aim to attract and keep loyal visitors.

In this book, AIEST’s experts put forward new ideas on how to rise to some of the most intriguing and urgent questions of modern tourism promotion.

- Macroeconomic Impacts: how to face and deal with growing markets, increased global competition or differentiation effects in mature market environments.

- Tourism Promotion and Marketing Processes: how more research on the “hybrid traveler” and the focus on cooperation can lead to better understanding and management.

- Social Media and Web 2.0: how attention can be arrested even when information is abundant and consumers gain more and more sovereignty.

- Technological Progress: how to benefit more effectively from recent developments such as the digitalization of promotional tools (E-Promotion).

Contributions from both practice and academia give comprehensive and holistic impressions of viable solutions!
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