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Erich Schmidt Verlag GmbH & Co. KG | Genthiner Str. 30 G | 10785 Berlin
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Erich Schmidt Verlag is one of the leading scientific publishing houses in Germany. Founded in 1924 in Berlin, the company today supplies premium quality information in the areas of law, economics and management, tax, work and industrial safety as well as philology across all media types.

Contacts for Open Access

Dr. Carina Lehnen
Editorial Director, Philology
Tel. (030) 25 00 85 - 620
Verena Haun
Senior Editor Romance Studies, Comparative Literary Studies, German Studies, editor responsible for the “HRG” (Encyclopaedia of German Legal History)
Tel. (030) 25 00 85 - 840
Vera Brand
Senior Editor Romance Studies, Comparative Literary Studies, German Studies
Tel. (030) 25 00 85 - 623
Lena Posingies
Senior Editor German as a Foreign Language, English and American Studies, contact person for advertising
Tel. (030) 25 00 85 - 622
By now, the range of available media covers over 2300 titles, around 400 in the form of databases, print and eJournals, loose-leaf services and CD-ROMs. In addition to a wide choice of offers for professional practice, numerous works for academic research and teaching are available – online also via the elibrary ESV-Campus. Customized databases are provided on the new content platform ESV-Digital. The ESV-Akademie hosts congresses, conferences, seminars and courses and is engaged in various collaborations. The publishing house currently has 125 employees in Berlin.