Information for authors and editors

ESV-Open offers you the opportunity to publish your work with the Erich Schmidt Verlag on an Open Access basis – either alongside or subsequent to a printed version or solely as an Open Access publication.
We attach great importance to the quality of the work we publish. All submissions are subject to a peer review process, carried out by independent experts in the relevant field. Your work will be published as an Open Access eBook and will be freely available online to read, download or share, ensuring increased visibility and dissemination of your research. All our Open Access publications are carefully proof-read and professionally checked by our editors.
For every Open Access publication we conclude – in close consultation with you – a license agreement under the terms of Creative Commons. You retain copyright and remain free to decide how free or restricted usage rights and access to your publication should be.

Creative Commons-Licenses:
What options do you have?

There are six different CC-licenses to choose from.
CC BY: Give credits („by“)
This is the most open option of all six licenses. As long as you are credited as the author of the original work, others can change and improve your work, build upon it and distribute it, even for commercial purposes.
CC BY-SA: Give credits / Share Alike
This license provides the same rights – changing, optimizing, commercial or non-commercial distribution, as long as you are credited. An additional restriction, however, is that all new creations must be licensed under identical terms.
CC BY-ND: Give credits / No Derivatives
If you choose this license, others are allowed to distribute your work both commercially and non-commercially. Again credit must be given to you, and the additional restriction is that your work has to remain unchanged and complete.
CC BY-NC: Give credits / Non-Commercial
This license is identical to the first option, however commercial usage is excluded. Others can change, improve, build upon your work and distribute it for non-commercial purposes – as long as you are named as author of the original work.
CC BY-NC-SA: Give credits / Non-Commercial / Share Alike
Under the terms of this license changing, improving, building upon your work is permitted. You must be credited and the additional restriction is again that all new creations must be licensed under identical terms.
CC BY-NC-ND: Give credits / Non-Commercial / No Derivatives
This is the most restrictive of all six licenses. Others can download and distribute your work for non-commercial purposes as long as you are credited. But they are not allowed to change it in any way.
In the ESV, we usually opt for the CC BY-NC-ND license.
Further information and descriptions (and examples) of all options can be found on the Creative Commons website.

Peer review process

  • All manuscripts are usually being evaluated by two different independent reviewers, who are not part of the editorial staff of the Erich Schmidt Verlag.
  • These are experts in the field, in most cases university professors in the area needed.
  • If the reviewers vote is not unanimous, one additional reviewer will be asked for his/her opinion.

Grants and funding opportunities for authors and editors

There are various foundations and institutions which provide financial support for authors to cover the publishing fees of your Open Access publications. The following list gives an overview of the most relevant organisations.
Feel free to contact us for further information and support.
Specialised grant programs:
  • Projekt OGeSoMo (sponsorship of Open Access publications in the field of humanities and social sciences – focus on monographs)
Most German, Austrian and Swiss universities also have special programs for their members. We’re happy to help you with your applications.
You can find further initiatives for financial support on the website of the BMBF.

What are the memberships and cooperations of Erich Schmidt Verlag?

ESV is a member of DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books). The advantages of this membership for you as an author are:
  • Direct access to open access works via the DOAB search mask.
  • Networking with the ESV website.
  • The metadata fed into DOAB can be used by booksellers and libraries to link to the publication and thus increase its visibility.
  • By providing proof of this membership, you can more easily receive grants for your open access publication from your university or institution.
Please follow this link for further information:
Erich Schmidt Verlag also cooperates with Knowledge Unlatched (KU). KU's online platform is a hub for libraries worldwide to support OA models, book and journal collections from leading publishers, and various OA initiatives.
More information can be found at the following link: